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I love mushrooms, and I love treasure hunts - so I was very disappointed to find out about Game of Shrooms after it happened last year. On June 11th there will be mushroom-themed art hidden all around the world by independent artists - yours for the keeping if you can find it. And we’ll be hiding this mushroom-embroidered bag somewhere in Gardner - read on for clues.

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Final details are more difficult than anticipated, but the Moon Rabbit was far too stark and lonely on its own. Fluffy clouds and sparkling stars turn this subject into a fairytale scene.

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A customer came to me with a very special request – to recreate a handkerchief given to his wife by her grandmother for their wedding. The hankie was lost on their honeymoon, and it only appeared in two wedding pictures. Using them as a guide, could I replicate her grandmother’s work? And in time for their anniversary?

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The Autumn Glory maple leaf shawl was a risky project, and one that went through many changes before it reached its finished look. Here is a step-by-step writeup of the process - from spinning the yarn to knitting and repeatedly dyeing the shawl to achieve the subtle coloring of the finished piece.

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I've often taught the art of embroidery over the years, but when a young friend wanted to learn, I knew I'd need something special. She loves rainbows, and they are well suited to several different line stitches. When another friend with a similar story wanted to learn, we decided to clean up this sampler and share it with the world.

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