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I have been doing some polishing up of the website and I realized there's not a lot written about what we've been doing to make the world a little greener. So now you can find it in the menu - and since it's nearly as long as a blog post already, it will be here as well. Wool roving dyed with locally-sourced, sustainably-harvested mushrooms, lichens, and plants in preparation for a sweater.    Our work is heavily influenced by John Ruskin and William Morris in style but more importantly in principles: craft, art, nature, and social ethics inform all our...

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Temari have come a long way - from child's toy to a noble lady's mark of skill. Read on to find out how this curious and unique art form developed.

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When we submitted these temari to the San Francisco School of Needlework Design, we thought they would just be another couple items in the exhibit. They've been featured by the School on Facebook!

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