Hand Embroidered Forget Me Not Baby Booties

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These newborn baby booties are made to order and hand-embroidered with a dainty pattern of forget-me-not, a darling set of shoes for a new addition to the family. The pattern is from a Massachusetts catalog dated 1886, and has been embroidered in a style consistent with the period, with soft blue petals, yellow centers, and green leaves.

Forget me nots are a dainty flower, much loved for their great beauty and humble demeanor, and were a favorite among the Victorians for embroidering on baby goods. Blue is the traditional color, though they can also be pink or white, according to variety. These embroidered flowers can be done in any color of the rainbow. If there's a specific shade you'd like, please ask! I have over 450 colors and can send a color card upon request.

The outside of these tiny slippers is fine Irish linen, in pure white, which is embroidered with the tiny flowers by hand prior to being cut and sewn together. Inside is minky, a synthetic fabric which is much used for baby blankets as it is very soft, launders well, and will not pill up. Linen-lined summer booties are an option as well. These booties have no ribbons or loops to get caught in little fingers, just a bit of hidden elastic to keep them around the foot. They measure just 4 1/2 inches long, 2 1/2 inches wide, and 1 1/4 high at the heel.

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