Custom Listing for Steven - Second Fitting Alterations and Quilt Sample

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Custom listing for Steven - for the second fitting, to purchase silk thread, and begin the quilted sample to determine batting loft, size and pitch of diamonds. Sample cut, sandwiched, basted to linen, and marked. Quilted diamonds begun at 14-16 stitches per inch.  Diamonds at 80/100 degree angles and based on a one inch grid.

Fitting nearly complete; only changes are adding more ease for upper back pleat and bringing collar design lines forward to match shoulder seams. Muslin ready to be traced along thread lines and markings, transferred back to tissue paper, and trued. Lining pattern to be adjusted by comparing original pattern pieces to fitted muslin and transferring changes over.


Hours worked: 3.84

Materials purchased: 2 spools Gutermann silk, one each of color 315 blue and color 571 purple (10.98)