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This beautiful, gently scalloped lace trim is handmade to length using dozens of bobbins. A gorgeous touch for your wedding or scrapbook! 

Making lace by hand is an art that is fast dying in this world - the skill and expertise needed are sometimes compared to a concert pianist's. Dozens of bobbins are manipulated to slowly coax a pattern, twist by twist and inch by inch, from fine threads. When a piece finally comes off the pillow, it has a delicacy and crispness unmatched by any machine-made lace. It is, quite truly, stunning. The spirit of the maker shines through in a way unparalleled by any other art.

Small pieces of lace look stunning in scrapbook pages or shadowboxes for very special occasions. Larger ones can be used to trim wedding handkerchiefs, lingerie, ring pillows, garters, and other accessories. 

This lace border has a scalloped headside and a straight footside. It can be sewn down along the footside only, as a inch at its widest point (the apex of the scallops) and measures approximately eight scallops per six inches. Your lace will be made all in one piece, unless otherwise asked for, and finished at both ends so as to not ravel. It may be cut to be used in projects. 

Making lace by hand is a very slow and tedious process, and small pieces (six to eighteen inches) will ship out in one to three weeks. Larger pieces will take longer, and a message will be sent to you regarding the time frame needed to make it. This particular pattern takes an hour to make just four inches. Even longer pieces can be made, please message for a custom listing so we can work something out just for you.

All lace ships out Express Two-Day (domestic in the US) with tracking and insurance. International orders also ship with tracking and insurance, but delivery times vary.

If lace is to be washed, handwash gently in warm water with mild white soap, rinse well (do not wring!) and pin flat to dry. A simple way to do this is to place the lace in a mason jar with water and a bit of soap and to shake gently. Any pulling or twisting motion is to be avoided.