Beyond the Basics - Supplies and Fundamentals for Hand Embroidery

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There are many resources available for different embroidery stitches, but few that extensively cover the unspoken fundamentals that help bring embroidered pieces from good to great. Choosing the right supplies and being familiar with good embroidery habits will help you bring your vision to life and avoid headaches along the way, no matter your subject matter or embroidery style.

This 42-page PDF contains 40+ full-color images, information and charts on selecting materials and tools for embroidery, and fundamental techniques that many patterns and kits gloss over. It contains information on all of the following and more: 


  • Choosing suitable fabric 
  • Embroidery threads by fiber and type
  • Beeswax and other conditioners


  • Types, uses for, and common sizes of needle
  • Thimbles both hard and soft
  • Hoops, frames, and q-snaps


  • Transferring and tracing designs
  • Preparing thread and threading the needle 
  • Methods of starting and ending threads 

This digital PDF will be available for download upon purchase and can be accessed online as well. No physical goods will be shipped. This download does not offer any specific patterns or stitches. Due to the nature of electronic goods, this item is not eligible for refunds.