Sweetheart Handkerchief with Wedding Date : Minimalist, Bottom Corner

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This white linen handkerchief is hand-embroidered with two initials, a tiny heart, and a date below in the bottom right-hand corner. The simple script makes for an simple and minimalist monogram. Personalized pocket squares make for fantastic gifts, for a bridal couple or a sweetheart of your own. 

This handkerchief is made from 100% Irish handkerchief linen, for a crisp, cool texture that will only get better with use. Linen is stronger, absorbs more water, can withstand higher heat, and lasts longer than cotton, and the Irish weave the finest linen in the world. These handkerchiefs are hand-cut to a generous 13 inches and hemmed with a narrow rolled hem, for a personal touch that extends to the smallest details. 

The embroidery, done in any two colors of your choosing, is stitched completely by hand - not machine - and, although it takes more skill and more time, the results are worth it.

I proudly stock the entire DMC line, so if you have a specific color, don't hesitate to let me know! I have approximately 450 choices and upon request I can send you a PDF of the color card so you can find the shade right for you.

Please - I love to have a personal relationship with each of my customers. Message me with any custom requests, specific color shades, or any other questions you have! I love to know where every handkerchief is going. To order your specific letters and date, please either use the 'Notes to Seller' box at checkout, or message me with the details. Thanks!

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