Face Masks For Heywood Hospital

Broiderie Stitch

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Face Mask with 'Masks For Heywood Hospital' across it
White linen medical mask with elastic straps
Woman wearing homemade medical mask
Side view of woman wearing medical mask
Face Masks For Heywood Hospital
99% of this purchase will be used to supply Heywood Hospital with masks - and the other 1% will be used to send you an image of the masks you've purchased. Then we'll give the masks you've purchased to nurses and doctors at Heywood and Athol Hospitals. Masks will NOT be sent out to those who purchase from this listing.  

Researchers at Cambridge University found that homemade masks are surprisingly effective at reducing the transmission of viruses. When they tested Bacteriophage MS2 particles (at 0.02 microns, they're five times smaller than COVID-19) they found that surgical masks were 89% effective. Linen is 62% effective at stopping transmission, and easy to breathe through, as well.

With plenty of linen in the shop and down time due to reduced orders and social distancing, we want to help our medical professionals in any way we can. We're reaching out to other local health care providers to see if they need masks as well. Currently we'll be providing masks to Heywood Hospital in Gardner and Athol Hospital in Athol, MA.

Thank you for helping us use our skills to help others. This is an unprecedented emergency for many, and by working together (figuratively) we can help slow the spread of the virus and minimize the damage it will cause. 

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