Hand Embroidered Baby Peasant Dress

Broiderie Stitch

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Soft yellow linen baby smock against wood background
Yellow baby shirt dress with puffed sleeves on wood background
Close up of linen baby smock showing feather stitch embroidery along hem
Irish linen infant smock in yellow with puffed sleeves and embroidered hem
Folded Irish linen in six colors - oatmeal, cream, white, blue, pink, and yellow

This adorable shift for baby is made from fine Irish linen and decorated simply with a line of feather stitch hand-embroidered along the hem. A gathered neckline and puff sleeves provide roomy shaping and the lack of fasteners make for an easy garment to put on, change diapers with, and launder.

All seams are finished to prevent fraying and this dress can be laundered in cool or warm water and tumbled dry. If ironing is desired, a hot iron with plenty of steam will get out even the most stubborn creases. Our baby clothes come ironed and lightly starched for a luxurious, crisp feel. They will soften naturally with washing and use, but won't fuzz or pill up, and don't fall apart like cotton eventually will.

Handmade in the U.S., using only the finest Irish linen. The Irish weave the finest linen in the world, with a beautiful texture and strong, long fibers. Linen has been used for fine baby goods for thousands of years, and grows more beautiful with age and washing. This is a garment to be passed down for years to come!

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