Hand Embroidered Kitchen Towel in Harvest

Broiderie Stitch

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Hand embroidered huck kitchen towel with red and orange diamonds
Huckaback tea towel stitched in harvest colors with apples
Huck teatowel stitched in fall colors with apples and pumpkin
Tea towel decorated with a band of embroidery in autumnal colors
White huck kitchen towel with hand embroidered design in fall colors

This white cotton huck kitchen towel is hand embroidered with a classic design in warm, autumnal shades. A traditional folk design, this has a contemporary freshness that adds cheer to any kitchen. Perfect as a hostess gift!

Huck embroidery, or Swedish weaving, is a style of embroidery that dates back at least four hundred years and was prevalent across Europe. Repeating geometric motifs are common, and the embroidery is worked in such a way that there is nary a stitch or a knot on the back! If you look at Picture Two, you'll see that the back of the towel is pristine white. This takes a special kind of skill.

A sturdy cloth is necessary, and it comes woven in fifteen-inch widths with a wide selvage on both sides. The top and bottom of the towel are hemmed to prevent raveling. This towel is pure, 100% cotton, and so is the thread used to embroider it. The weave is soft and a bit nubbly, and absorbs water well. The towel is approximately 24 inches long, and the embroidery is a bit more than two inches wide.

Harvest colors doesn't match your kitchen? No problem - each hand towel is made to order, so we can customize it to your heart's content. We have over 450 colors available on request, as well as a color card so you can pick just the shades you'd like.

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