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Hand Embroidered Tiny Initials Irish Linen Handkerchief

Hand Embroidered Tiny Initials Irish Linen Handkerchief

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This Irish linen handkerchief is hand embroidered with a sweet, simple heart and tiny block initials, perfect for someone you love dearly! 

These handkerchiefs are made from 100% Irish handkerchief linen, for a crisp, cool texture that will only get better with use. Linen is stronger, absorbs more water, can withstand higher heat, and lasts longer than cotton, and the Irish weave the finest linen in the world. These handkerchiefs are hand-cut to a generous 13 inches and hemmed with a narrow rolled hem, for a personal touch that extends to the smallest details.

The heart is embroidered with stem stitch, and at just under 1/2 inch high, is clearly visible but understated and sweet. Each is embroidered completely by hand - not machine - and, although it takes more skill and more time, the results are worth it.

Please - I love to have a personal relationship with each of my customers. Message me with any custom requests, specific color shades, or any other questions you have! I love to know where every handkerchief is going, whether to a new grandfather in Ontario, bridesmaids in Italy, or for a sweetheart here at home!

Care information

Linen handkerchiefs may be washed via delicate cycle in a washing machine (no bleach) or for best results, by hand. Iron hot, with steam, on the backside of the work. Any stitches pushed out of place from the iron can gently be prodded back into place. A cotton or mesh laundry bag will help protect your piece from getting snagged.

Temari should not be washed, just dusted if necessary. If needed, you can wet a cloth in hot water and wring it out quite well, and use that to spot-wash. Temari are made of fibers all the way through, so a wash or soak would mean that the inside would never dry.

Our embroidered blankets are made with wool, and should be handwashed gently in cool water.

Goldwork embroidery should only be washed by a professional. Other embroidery is best cleaned as for temari (especially framed hoop work) though wearable accessories may be put through the wash on a gentle cycle or hand washed.

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Customer Reviews

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I love it and so did my husband. It is beautiful with lovely packaging and arrived quickly. Thank you


Arrived quickly during covid! The handkerchiefs are super soft and holding up well after multiple washes. The heart is super cute and was enough of a touch to it.


Hubby loved it! It’s beautiful and delicate. A classic through and through.


I bought two of these embroidered handkerchiefs- one for my dad and one for myself- as a gift for him on my wedding day. They turned out beautiful! They look exactly as they do in the photos.


Love them 😍 they’re exactly what I was expecting!

Embroidered letters in progress in hoop, a woman in a purple shirt is embroidering them by hand onto a linen handkerchief

Further Customization

Working by hand allows us to customize your order in ways not possible with an embroidery machine. For custom designs, click the Chat button at bottom right and let us know what you'd like.