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A oatmeal colored linen handkerchief, made from 100% Irish linen and finished with a hand rolled hem. This pocket square is suitable for the most formal occasions where cotton just won't do.

These handkerchiefs are cut to a generous 12 inches square, and come ironed and lightly starched for a luxurious, crisp feel. They will soften naturally with washing and use, but won't fuzz or pill up, and don't fall apart like cotton handkerchiefs eventually will.

It's the little details that count -

Handmade in the U.S., using only the finest Irish linen. The Irish weave the finest linen in the world, with a beautiful texture and strong, long fibers. This means it'll last longer.

Hand rolled hem: This means that the edge of the handkerchief is painstakingly rolled by hand, and a seamstress (me) stitches it with a needle, not a sewing machine, This makes the lightest, softest hem possible, and the stitches are invisible from the front. All you see is a tiny line of pinpricks, as each stitch goes over a single thread of the cloth. The process takes hours, and it's truly an incredible thing to see! The finest pocket squares are hand rolled.

Traditionally, only a linen handkerchief could be folded as a pocket square in a suit jacket. The polyester corner sewn to a piece of paper that came with your suit just won't cut it!

Linen is much stronger and more durable than cotton, and it's been used for thousands of years. Even Egyptian mummy wrappings are made from linen.

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