Heraldic Family Heirloom Initial in Goldwork and Silk

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 This beautiful monogram is embroidered with 100% silk floss on an ivory silk dupioni background. Real metal threads and beads complete the design and add a luster only gold can provide. The monogram pattern came from a booklet printed in Paris circa 1895. These pieces make a princely gift for a new baby or a new bride; traditionally, a woman used her first initial for a monogram and a man his last initial. That way a woman's wouldn't change when she married and likely changed her last name. 

The letters pictured were hand embroidered in the palest pastels for a baby girl and deep rich crimson for a bride-to-be; we have access to 700 colors of these fine French embroidery silks. Rich jewel tones, especially, would be magnificent for a family heirloom. Send us a message! With such a large and intricate piece, we want to make sure it's exactly what you love. We'll send messages and proofs to confirm your pattern and color choices before work is begun to be sure this will match your vision.

All our embroidery is done by hand here at BroiderieStitch. This piece uses several stitches and techniques used in goldwork and silk painting for generations. The silk motifs are lightly outlined and occasionally padded before being stitched to raise them from the cloth slightly, and the large flowers are worked in several shades.Several different gold threads are used, with chipwork done in the centers of the flowers and flourishes to add extra sparkle.

The silk used to embroider this piece is filament silk, which means the fine strands that make up a thread run clear from one end of the thread to the other - there are no fuzzies or joins. This silk, although more finicky to work with than spun silk, has an incomparable luster. The piece measures 8 by 10 inches and mounted onto sturdy canvas.

Due to the immense time needed to create one of these pieces, they are not eligible for our rush order option, and we can only make one in the studio at a time. Please allow 9-10 weeks for the creation of this item.