Posy of Pansies Hand Embroidered Floral Linen Hankerchief

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A delightful posy of tiny pansies graces the corner of this beautiful linen handkerchief. At only three inches tall, the pansies are life-sized and shaded with several gorgeous colors. The pansy symbolizes thoughts of absent friends, and this makes a great gift for the gardener in your life!

This handkerchief is made from 100% Irish handkerchief linen, for a crisp, cool texture that will only get better with use. Linen is stronger, absorbs more water, can withstand higher heat, and lasts longer than cotton, and the Irish weave the finest linen in the world. These handkerchiefs are hand-cut to a generous 13 inches and hemmed with a narrow, machine-rolled hem, for a personal touch that extends to the smallest details.

The embroidery, done in any color or shade you choose, consists of a method used extensively a hundred years ago for the most lifelike and delicate subjects. Dozens of shades, each just a tad different than the one before, are blended together to give the subject life and depth. This technique, known as Kensington work or Silk Painting for its distinctive style, takes hours to create. Each is embroidered completely by hand - not machine - and, although it takes more skill and more time, the results are worth it.

Please - I love to have a personal relationship with each of my customers. If there's a specific variety of pansy dear to your heart, message me with a picture and we'll work together to create a perfect likeness. Message me with any custom requests, specific color shades, or any other questions you have! I love to know where every handkerchief is going, whether to a new grandfather in Ontario, bridesmaids in Italy, or for a sweetheart here at home. Not a fan of pansies? No problem. Any flower, any color you'd like - just send me a message and we'll come up with something just for you.

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