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These Temari Poi are rainbow colored, absolutely unique, and are a beautiful and quite personal expression of the art of flow.

Poi originate from the South Pacific, and they have long been used in dance and as a hunting weapon. They are whirled around the body in beautiful, flowing patterns, sometimes appearing to hover in midair or dance around the performer.

Temari is a Japanese technique of embroidering a thread ball with brilliant colors in a geometric pattern. They were originally made for children to play with, but have since evolved into an art form in their own right.

But what happens when you put the two together? Some of the most beautiful poi you've ever seen. Each poi is created around a weighted core (if you prefer heavier or lighter poi, just ask!) with a paracord handle. Then they are wrapped with yarn to add bulk and a bit of squish, and finally with about 500 yards of sewing thread - each! After the poi are created and made perfectly round, the fun part happens. Metallic marking threads are laid down, and the colorful design is begun. Using six different colors, the design is woven and then finished with matching metallic thread. This process can take up to 26 hours! Finally, the poi are completed, and handles are made and attached. Poi heads are about 3 1/2 inches in diameter.

These poi come as a set of two. Please pick your primary color - the main embroidery color, rainbow pictured. Then pick your metallic color - or select no thanks, if you'd rather not have one (silver pictured). Base as well (white shown). Handles can be either knobs, embroidered loops, or another design - just contact me and we'll work something out. Handles are adjustable and come approx. 38 inches long, so you can shorten as needed. The weight is customizable as well. If you don't have a preference, we'll make them 4 oz. each. Shipping includes tracking and insurance.

These are made completely by hand, and therefore totally customizable! If you've got an idea, color scheme, or any questions, feel free to shoot me a message!