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This white linen handkerchief features the Submarine Warfare insignia, the Silver Dolphins, embroidered by hand in one corner, in either silver, officer's gold, or any of our regular colors. The Silver Dolphins are awarded to a sailor when he has proved his capability on board a submarine - a process that takes over a year.

The pictures really don't do it justice - in the light, the scales of the dolphins shimmer, and the water glints under the prow of the submarine. The insignia is only slightly larger than the pin, but it takes several hours to stitch it by hand. No machine could attain the detail and subtle texture afforded by several different stitches and two different sizes of thread.

This pocket square is made from the finest Irish handkerchief linen, for a crisp, cool texture that will only get better with use. Linen is stronger, absorbs more water, can withstand higher heat, and lasts longer than cotton, and the Irish weave the finest linen in the world. These handkerchiefs are hand-cut to a generous 13 inches and hemmed with a narrow rolled hem, for a personal touch that extends to the smallest details.

Please - I love to have a personal relationship with each of my customers. Message me with any custom requests, specific color shades, or any other questions you have! I love to know where every handkerchief is going, whether to a grandfather in Ohio, a son coming back from his first deployment, or for a sweetheart here at home!

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