Tiny Safari Miniature Animals Baby Bib

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This white linen baby bib is embroidered with a parade of tiny animals, either facing the viewer, facing away, or both, depending on your preference. With the giraffe just skimming one inch tall, these wee animals stand at attention between tiny palm trees. There are three ways this bib can be embroidered - with the faces, with the tails, or with both, one on either side of the bib. Please select your option from the box at the right.

This bib is made from fine Irish linen, in pure white, which is embroidered with the tiny animals by hand prior to being cut and sewn together. The neck of the bib is sewn with two small snaps for ease of wear, and the design can be embroidered on one side or both. It comes wrapped in blue tissue paper and ready to be put in a box or gift bag.