Game of Shrooms Final Hints!

Game of Shrooms Final Hints!

Our little mushroom pouch – fuller than it was – has been hidden for the Game of Shrooms. It’s fair game to any sharp-eyed adventurer tomorrow. If you find it, feel free to take one of the embroidered patches inside, and if there are no patches left, the pouch itself is yours.

This little treasure is hidden somewhere on the grounds of the Levi Heywood Memorial Library in Gardner, MA. I had planned to hide it in the library itself, but their summer hours foiled my plans. That makes it a bit easier for you; you’ll have more time to look.


Time plays a part in our final two hints, both taken from Shakespeare’s As You Like It. The first one is said by the lovestruck Orlando:


“You should ask me what time o' day: there's no clock
in the forest.”


No clock in the forest, but you can see the Library’s clock from a certain little grove of trees. They are lovely shady trees to sit a while and read under.


Our second clue is provided by Celia:

“Finding him, and relish it with good observance.
I found him under a tree, like a dropped acorn.”

Linen pouch embroidered with winecap mushrooms, grasses, and dragonfly


Good luck and happy hunting! If you’re not the last, re-hide the pouch well, and take a selfie with your new shroom! You can tag us on Instagram @broiderie.stitch or on facebook by searching Broiderie Stitch.


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