Broiderie Stitch

A small hand embroidery studio in Downeast Maine specializing in patterns and one-of-a-kind temari balls

  • Sojie

    I bought two embroidered handkerchiefs and they’re PERFECT! I bought them as a wedding gift for my friends... one for each with their wedding date. We forgot the tissues at our wedding, which was a mistake because I’m a crier. I want to make sure they have something to give each other to cry into during the ceremony. I think it may become a gift-giving tradition of mine. I plan on getting many more!
    The quality and craftsmanship are divine and they’ll have a keepsake of their special day for a long long time.

  • Nina

    I’m in LOVE with Jackie’s hankies. They’re absolutely stunning.
    We messaged over the course of a few weeks to come up with a package of hankies I could gift my family for my upcoming wedding. I was so appreciative of her patience, creativity, and responsiveness to begin with.

    Now, receiving the hankies in the mail, I’m stunned at how much more beautiful these are in my hand. They’re the utmost in quality (!!!), bespoke, old-school, world-class elegance. 😍😍😍 Exactly what I was hoping for and more!!! I know these will be cherished forever and I’m so grateful.

  • Lucas

    Love the quality of the Linen and hand sewn embroidery! Jackie, the owner is very helpful when i needed assistance in color choices for the embroidery. the whole experience was very pleasant and has so much personal touch in the things they made. even the parcel came with hand tied tweed ribbons!

    I have never come across anyone as sincere as Jackie.
    Thank you for doing this. We love the pocket squares! :)

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"Moon Rabbit" hand embroidered in metal threads and silk with beads and fluffy dimensional clouds on handpainted silk ground spangled with tiny stars
Hand spun, hand knit, and hand dyed shawl shaped to look like a scarlet maple leaf with gold veins, posed on rock wall with Best of Department ribbon from the Eastern States Expo alongside
"Journey Talisman" hand embroidered design worked in fine metallic threads on blue background. A shimmering lotus sits between a lion and unicorn encased in a sphere and atop a golden bough