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Juniper Bonsai Embroidery Pattern

Juniper Bonsai Embroidery Pattern

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Juniper Bonsai is a meditative pattern worked in a subtle palette. It is designed to fit an 8" square canvas although the design is versatile enough to be worked onto finished articles as well. 

This hand embroidery pattern is composed of TWO files:

Juniper Bonsai Embroidery Pattern PDF, a 26-page digital pattern with a materials list, pattern tracing, and 20+ photos and illustrations to show step-by-step instructions for completing this pattern. 

Juniper Bonsai Stitch Reference PDF contains another 46 pages and 40+ photos detailing every step of the stitches used as well as the theory behind them and common variations. Left-handed instructions are provided for stitches that differ in their methods of working.  

This pattern contains all the information necessary to complete it as it stands, but for those who really like to dive in, we have the option to add a companion PDF that goes into all the little things most patterns gloss over - fabric selection, methods of starting and stopping threads, pattern transfer, needle sizes, and more. With an additional 42 pages and 40+ more pictures, you'll learn valuable skills for any embroidery project. 


Materials Needed to Complete Pattern:

-Piece of light- to mid-weight woven fabric (quilting cotton or linen) at least 13” (33cm) square –solid or softly tonal colors recommended. Fabric used in example is oatmeal linen.

-Embroidery needle – size 8 or as preferred for three strands of floss

-Sharp No. 2 pencil, fabric pen, or preferred method of transferring the design to fabric

-One skein each of the following DMC 6-strand cotton embroidery floss, or substitutions for each:

500        611        844        890        895        926        930       

987        3346     3371     3750     3768     3787

-Small scissors

-8” (20cm) embroidery hoop, or preferred size

8” x 8” (20 x 20 cm) square mounted canvas or stiff board for mounting

felt piece 8x8”(20 cm)

small strip of felt or ribbon  (3”, 8cm) or saw tooth picture hanger

strong sewing thread in a color to match felt



-Second piece of scrap fabric 13”x13”(33cm) or any convenient size, to practice stitches on or back fabric, if necessary

-Embroidery needle in size 10 or as preferred for one strand of floss

-Additional embroidery needles size 8 to keep multiple colors threaded

-Embroidery stand or clamp to hold your hoop/frame 


This PDF will be available for download upon purchase and can be accessed online as well. No physical goods will be shipped. Because patterns are digital products and are protected as intellectual property, they are not subject to return or exchange and all sales are final. If you have any questions or problems downloading, please contact us for help using the Message Us button at bottom right!

Care information

Linen handkerchiefs may be washed via delicate cycle in a washing machine (no bleach) or for best results, by hand. Iron hot, with steam, on the backside of the work. Any stitches pushed out of place from the iron can gently be prodded back into place. A cotton or mesh laundry bag will help protect your piece from getting snagged.

Temari should not be washed, just dusted if necessary. If needed, you can wet a cloth in hot water and wring it out quite well, and use that to spot-wash. Temari are made of fibers all the way through, so a wash or soak would mean that the inside would never dry.

Our embroidered blankets are made with wool, and should be handwashed gently in cool water.

Goldwork embroidery should only be washed by a professional. Other embroidery is best cleaned as for temari (especially framed hoop work) though wearable accessories may be put through the wash on a gentle cycle or hand washed.

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Working by hand allows us to customize your order in ways not possible with an embroidery machine. For custom designs, click the Chat button at bottom right and let us know what you'd like.