Additional Policies and FAQ's

Welcome to Broiderie Stitch! 

Here we promote not just needlework and quality goods, but a lifestyle change. 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever' is a benchmark all of our products are measured up against. Fine craftsmanship, creativity, and the best materials combine for an ageless look that will look great for years to come.

Silver metal thread of various styles and scissors laid out in preparation for metal thread embroidery


We can take all major credit and debit cards! This is our preferred method of payment because it seems easiest for all involved. However, if you'd like to use PayPal, that's okay too. 

Cancellation policy: Sometimes mistakes happen. Until we begin custom work on your order (i.e. monogramming a red M on a handkerchief for you) orders are able to be cancelled as long as you provide a reason. Once embroidery starts to customize a product for you, the item is no longer cancellable. If you need to cancel, send a message as soon as possible after ordering!
Vintage cross stitch pattern of roses and forget me nots worked on linen handkerchief over waste canvas, strands of waste canvas are being delicately drawn from the design with tweezers
Custom Orders

All of our embroidery is done by hand so anything's possible. All we ask is permission to photograph your design and put it up as a listing - after all, if you're in love with it, someone else probably will fall in love too.

We have the entire solid-color range of DMC embroidery floss - 500 shades. If there's a particular shade you're looking for, just ask. Colors do show up differently on different monitors, however, so we do reserve the right for a little wiggle room. If you order white embroidery, we'll send you a message confirming that you do indeed want white on white; many people mistakenly pick it when they'd rather a different color. If after two messages you still haven't responded, we'll embroider it white-on-white as you specified in the original order.

Handkerchiefs with multiple letters will be embroidered just as you give them to us; we won't switch them around without your express say-so. So, if you'd like Adam Bernard Cheshire's handkerchief to read ACB, please type ACB in the Notes to Seller box at checkout. Typing Adam Bernard Cheshire or ABC will result in the initials reading ABC on your order. Also, some letters are narrower or wider than others and others dip below the bottom line; when necessary we'll center the middle letter and space the other two for a cohesive look unless otherwise specified. The initials JWM will have a slightly different spacing than BRS, for example. 

Wholesale/Consignment - We're happy to work with you! Send us a message and we'll see if we can work something out to everybody's benefit. 
Privacy Policy
Any personal information given to us for the sake of ordering (full names, addresses, etc.) will only be used to complete the current order. If an order is uncompleted (left in cart) we may send one message as a reminder to the email address entered.
We will not sell your information to a third party. We will not send offers, newsletters, or promotional messages, either. Any passwords created for our site are confidential. We do not have access to passwords or full credit card numbers - those are handled by Shopify. To be CCPA compliant, we have an opt out page, here.