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Girl in glasses peering over teacup
Owner, Head Embroideress
Hi, I'm Jackie, the founder of Broiderie Stitch. I love hiking, camping, botany, and creating things. When I'm not stitching, I can often be found in the White Mountains, or poking around some of New England's historic ruins.
Girl with mischievous look and chainmail tiara
Hey, I’m Jen. I’m the geeky one of the group. There isn’t many fandoms I haven’t heard of. When I’m not doing embroidery I craft with as many colors as possible. I especially love the out of the box orders so make my day with your request.
Smiling girl in bright jacket in forest
Chief Handkerchief Maker
Hi, I'm Andie! My passion comes from the earth, and I haven't met a tree I didn't like.
Guy in grey shirt and sunglasses
Handkerchief Maker in Training
Hi, I'm Steven. I am an avid gamer with a deep-seated curiosity for space. I am always up for a deep conversation.